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Thank you to everyone who has been patiently awaiting information regarding the heavy athletics at the Maine Highland Games on August 19, 2023 at Thomas Point Beach and Campground. This will be an incredible event. Read until the end for an exciting announcement!


No Fame Games, with the support of St. Andrews Society of Maine has chosen to host an invite only game. While this change will be upsetting to some, the intention this year is to focus on quality and community, rather than size. With time, our goal is to expand the number of athletes we are able to host.


The top scoring athletes in the Northeast region, according to NASGA, within eligibility dates of June 17th, 2022 - June 17th, 2023 will get personal invites. If someone declines, we will move on to the next in line. Classes include: Amatuer Men and Women, Master's Men and Women, Lightweight Men and Women. Contested events include: Braemar, Open Stone, HWFD, LWFD, Caber, Weight Over Bar, and Sheaf.


The mission is to provide an environment where athletes can enjoy a stress free day and the many spectators get to enjoy all the Games has to offer. The most common complaint from spectators is there's too much happening to see it all. The spectators are the reason we can all be on the field, so while you're there, shake some hands, it will mean the world to them. 


In other exciting news, this years AM Men’s class has something special attached to it. The winner and runner up will get automatic invites to Loon Mountain Highland Games run by Dr. Bill and Holly Crawford.


Any athlete wanting to come try their hand at Maine Stones is encouraged to attend, and volunteers are always needed to ensure a smooth Games. More information for volunteers will be available in the coming weeks.


Good luck!

For the love of the Games,


RSVP Only | Maine Games 2023
RSVP Only | Maine Games 2023
Aug 19, 2023, 8:00 AM EDT
Maine Highland Games Heavy Athletics brought to you by No Fame Games, LLC and St. Andrews Society of Maine
Can you make it?
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