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The NFG Story

No Fame Games, LLC is a company that specializes in Highland Games Heavy Athletics and overall Celtic strength culture. We started as a grassroots backyard movement coming out of COVID in 2021. A group of competitive athletes of the Scottish Highland Games banded together to return to throwing, and back to the core of the sport. To us this meant moving away from the limelight and focus on trophies and victories. 


We wanted to return the underlying camaraderie within the community of athletes to the forefront, while at the same time giving back to the elders of the Highland Games who have given so much to us throughout the decades. Effectively giving recognition back to those with 'no fame'. Lineage is important to us. Community is important to us. Carrying the torch on for the future generations is important to us.


We are passionate about the history and tradition of these Games, and we are dedicated to providing a safe and fun environment where you can engage in these activities. Our team tirelessly strives throughout the year preparing to make each of our events an unforgettable experience. All with the goal of ensuring the spirit of Highland Games and Heavy Athletics stays alive, flourishes, and is protected for the future generations to come.

This passion and determination continually drives us to keep the love of the Highland Games alive throughout the strength world. Since our start in 2021, we have continued to show immense growth and momentum. Today, our logo and reputation has permeated the Heavy Athletics culture. No Fame Games™ has become a reminder of why we do what we do: For the Love of the Games.

Behind The Scenes


Joshua Mackintosh

Chief Executive Officer

Being one of the Founders, Josh finds continual gratitude being surrounded by the people of NFG. A former monastic in Asia who spent years cultivating skills & expertise as a Chef around the world, Josh brings bridge-building, creativity, and hype to the NFG Table. He translates why Highland Games is the thing you didn't know you needed in your business and life, and endeavors to bridge the gap between the wisdom of the old with the exuberance of the new.

Nicholas MacPhee

Chief Operations Officer

With 20+ years in the strength community, Nick brings knowledge from powerlifting, strongman, and Highland Games. He has a hands on mentality and brings his industriousness to every No Fame endeavor.

Jennifer Yarro

Chief Strategy Officer

As a fire Goddess and fiercely loving Mama-bear, Jenn brings her experience of having built three independent grass-roots businesses to international brand awareness. She focuses on the 'big-picture' of NFG's mission to be a leading presence of education, entertainment, and community building in the Highland Games arena!

Sandy MacPhee

Chief Financial Officer

A business manager by trade, Sandy acts as the organization's primary administrative facilitator, bringing her love for problem solving and paperwork to the table, striving to keep NFG organized and professional. She is a mother of two larger than life future NFG legends.

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