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Our Services

We provide support and guidance to people and communities via Celtic Strength Culture. The main focus of No Fame Games, LLC is to prepare, host, organize, run, manage, and promote Highland Games Heavy Athletics. Within the realm of this Highland Event, we provide many sub services.


This includes the nine traditional Heavy Events, as well as Stonelifting, Highlander competitions and more. Using social media as a vehicle for promotion, our passion, familiarity, and knowledge of Strength Culture, we utilize our expertise in Highland Games to provide comprehensive options for supporting Festivals, and encouraging the health of our community. Our team of professionals specializes in creating and delivering memorable events and clinics that honor the Heavy Athletics. Let us plan an engaging and exciting event your community will not soon forget.


We are proud of our vast web of connections in the Highland and Strength Community. Whether you are trying to bring Pros, Amateurs, Masters, or all of the above to your Festival, Faire, or Games we can help facilitate those introductions.

Coordination & Organization

We organize the logistics so you don't have to. This includes access to our network of athletes, a seamless digital registration, liability waivers, athlete accommodations, and more. We're here to facilitate your vision of a successful games.

Clinics and Workshops
Full Management
Social Media Promotion

If you are interested in trying out the Highland Games, but don't want to commit yet to a full Games, we run Clinics and Workshops throughout the year. If you need to knock some dust off, soundboard technique, or just need the fellowship of community, we got you covered as well. 

We love to host Highland Games. We do it, and do it well, throughout the year. We love our community, we love our athletes, and we LOVE seeing athletes throw far. It is a spectacle. It is entertaining. If you want to have Heavy Athletics on the field but cannot run it yourself, we can run it for you.

We have been grateful that our online presence and community has grown since starting in 2021. Between 15k followers and over 2 million views from our reels, we love to promote the Highland Games. If you want to collaborate with us and work together, we are only an email or DM away.

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