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Nikita Marzano

AKA Katana

AGE 35

HEIGHT 5' 10"

HOME TOWN Wilmington, DE


HOW DID YOU START IN HIGHLAND GAMES? I was a collegiate thrower, and then started powerlifting at a gym called "Iron Sport" in Glenolden, PA. This gym is owned by Steve Pulcinella (strongman, professional highland games athlete), and he mentioned that I should give highland games a try given my background. I politely brushed him off because I was busy training in powerlifting. I reached a point of burnout in powerlifting, and then reached back out to Steve asking if he would train me for highland games, and he was more than happy too. I haven't looked back since then!

ATHLETIC BACKGROUND I've done athletics for most of my life....from soccer, basketball, field hockey, volleyball, lacrosse, and softball. I didn't start spring track and field until my senior year of high school, and was lucky enough to get recruited to do it in college.


PR IN FAVORITE EVENT LWD I believe I hit 90-91', and Sheaf (10#) 36'


FUNNY/UNIQUE HIGHLAND GAMES STORY My husband actually proposed to me at the East/West (or North/South) HLG back in 2015. I had no idea, but the rest of the ladies knew....we were at our last event (WOB), and right before I started my throw Frank called my name. When I put the weight down, as I turned to face him I asked him "what the f*ck do you want now?" which made everyone hysterical haha. It was quite the moment lol

Nikita Marzano
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