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Scott Farr

AKA Iceman

AGE 29

HEIGHT 6' 1"

WEIGHT Hopefully Under 200

HOME TOWN Anchorage, AK


HOW DID YOU START IN HIGHLAND GAMES? Big brother got involved, which means little brother got involved.

ATHLETIC BACKGROUND Highland Games is and has always been my primary sport, but I've also played on Rugby and Ultimate Frisbee Teams. Lots of weight lifting too.

FAVORITE EVENT The Lord's Event.

PR IN FAVORITE EVENT 33' with the 20#

GAME ACCOLADES 3x LW World Championship. Broken the LW World Records in every event.

FUNNY/UNIQUE HIGHLAND GAMES STORY One time I forgot my kilt at the World Championship. Fortunately Austin Rhodes (another lightweight competitor who got married later the same day!) had family around who were gracious enough to let me borrow one. That day I won a World Championship in someone else's kilt. To this day I still wonder what that kilt is up to...

Scott Farr
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