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JUNE 15TH, 2024 at Fino Field in Milford, MA will be the return of our HOME GAMES. Be sure to bring your lawn chairs, friends, and family but no need to worry about food. We got you covered with food vendors galore. We will announce the full list of vendors soon. Drink? Nay problem! This year we are teaming up with a local group to create a pop-up cocktail and beer tent. Doglio Coffee truck will be returning with their infamous caffeine, so no need to worry about that. And yes, there are porto-potties.

What to expect

A Highland Games is of Celtic tradition and heritage, thus EVERYONE from ALL walks of life are warmly welcome to attend. We focus on the Heavy Athletics, traditional Stonelifting, Celtic Clan tents, and good food and drink. We will have the traditional 9 heavy events as well as our iconic Team Highlander competition. Athletes will be coming from all over New England, the United States, and abroad. It is a gathering of people from the wide spectrum of society, forged together in friendship by stone, heavy metal, and tree. 

Still not convinced? Try checking out our Instagram Account to get a taste for what we are about.

There will be a $10 entrance fee for everyone 13yrs of age and older. 

Children 12yrs & under come for free!

Special: Entire Family Pack for $20

Alcohol Tent is obviously 21yrs & Older. ID will be checked!

Opening Ceremony will start at 9am sharp so if you want to hear the bagpipes don't be late. Athletics will begin around 9am and go to around 4pm.

Let us pray for some good New England weather!

NOTICE: The No Fame Games, LLC welcomes everyone from all races, identities, and backgrounds. It is a place of coming together in safety and harmony. While on our field, we put religion aside, politics aside, race aside, and gender aside. Come join us for some crazy fun, laughs, and good times.

JUNE 15th, 2024 - SAVE THE DATE!



2024 will mark the return of our Team Highlander competition. Last year Team Top Strength Project out of Providence, RI claimed the Lundstrom Highlander Traveling Trophy. We also proudly hosted a friendly First Responder competition between the Milford, MA Fire Department and Police Department. Last year the Fire Department came out on top. Both of the winning teams will be returning to defend their titles!


We are calling Teams from all gyms, barbell clubs, and first responders in New England to register and participate in this year's Team Highlander. We are blessed to have Eric Dawson of Titan Barbell as our official Judge, and CJ 'Murph' of TPS Malden will be commentator for the day. 


2024 Events Include:

Teams of 6

1. Team War Truck Pull: All Team Members will work together to pull the War Truck the 50' distance. Once the truck passes the line, the mission is complete.

2. Open Stone Throw: 16# for Men, 8# for Women. Like shotput, you can advance to the trig.

3. Weight Over Bar: MAX HEIGHT. 56# for Men, 28# for Women. 2 attempts at each height per Team Member. 

4. Mac Scottish Festival Team Caber Relay: 2 Team Members from each Team will compete together. First team member will pick and run with caber to and from a set marker then be able to flip the Caber. Only then can the second member begin their turn.

5. Stone to Shoulder: MAX REPS in 90 secs. 185# Men, 125# Women

6. Wagon Wheel Deadlift: MAX REPS in 90 secs. 625# Men, 375# Women

* Max 2 Team Members per event, besides Team War Truck Pull which will need all 6 Team Members. Up to 3 events per Team Member including Team War Truck Pull. 



One of the great names in the history of Highland Games in New England is John Lundstrom. He is accredited with starting the heavy athletics programs at Loon Mountain, NH and Quechee, VT. He was a dominating force as a competitor in the 1980's and 90's. John gave so much to the sport all the way up until his passing in 2013. He was a renaissance man, an award winning blacksmith, beloved friend, world traveler, fabricator of the famous Lundstrom Stones Carry (formerly Loon Stones), and proud member of Clan Anderson.


A Challenge Event we have at our Home Games is John's personal lifting stone. It was rediscovered at his estate sale in 2022, a story in itself filled with a series of serendipitous events. It resides in Titan Barbell in Stoneham, MA under the watchful eyes of Professional Strongman Eric Dawson. This 422# atlas stone with ring handle was used by John and his close friends to test both their strength and grip. It is a one-handed lift for time, no tacky or straps allowed. Not many are capable of performing this lift. It takes great overall strength, but moreso, grit, grip, technique, and determination. All things that summed up who John was.

Are you strong enough for The Lundstrom Lift?



Without Sponsors none of this would be possible. Home Games is dependent on sponsors and people attending the to support us. We very greatly and humbly thank our sponsors for being a part preserving the Highland Games and our Celtic Strength Culture.

If you aren't already, please consider donating what you can to us, or even become a sponsor. Every bit counts!

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Sam Grammer

Sam Grammer

AKA The Jewish Viking

AGE 40

Tony Trapanese

Tony Trapanese

AKA Gabagool

AGE 33

Jacob Langworthy

Jacob Langworthy

AKA Chief Sheaf

Age 41

WR in Sheaf and Hammer

Hannah Linzay

Hannah Linzay

AKA Swampy

AGE 34

Pro Strongwoman

Felicia Baker

Felicia Baker

AKA Freya

AGE 36

Broke 5 world records as a lightweight thrower

Kira Wrixon

Kira Wrixon

AKA Ladyarik

Age 29

LWW 2019 Strongest Woman

Garrett Blatnik

Garrett Blatnik

AKA Mongo

AGE 30

2020 USA Scotland Winner

Katie Vaudrain

Katie Vaudrain

AKA Stonewall

AGE 34

I've tossed a flaming caber!

Haley Gow

Haley Gow

AKA Black Velvet

AGE 34

Always a Bridesmaid, never a Bride

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